Layouts of the Month

Good morning everyone.  I have been watching the gallery for weeks now and I must admit as each new layout comes in, I have a harder and harder time deciding which ones to post.

Not a bad problem to have!

To start is Jeany with this little lovely.  The green really caught my eye.  I love the way she used random letters as a background.

This one by Amber is so good!  I love the confetti hearts and those cute little envelopes she layered.

This one by wrightboysmum caught my eye right away.  I love the photo and the way she tilted it makes it even cooler.  The tilt with that grid just throws a little twist in it!

This one by SuzMannecke is stunning.  I really like the circles which are actually digital brushes by Shannon Noel and then the amazing CD stamps!

Last, but never least, is Aliza.  The little bits and photos on this just pull you in to the story.  I love this layout!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to load your beautiful work in our gallery here at Cocoa Daisy.  I am constantly inspired when I look through the gallery.

Keep them coming!

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