Scrap attack!

I must confess… I hoard paper scraps. Every.little.bit. I’m not going to lie. It really is silly some of the tiny strips and bits of patterned paper that I save. BUT in my defense, I love to use them up when I am creating small projects like mini books and cards, or for paper piecing with stamps, and I even punch bits out of the scraps for embellishments. So I guess its not really a bad thing that I save those little pieces. Right?
So what about you? Are you a keeper? or a tosser? Either way, I have a few project ideas for your scraps. Maybe you will be able to stretch those kits into one or two more projects.

You know those little bonus strips of paper at the bottom of the patterned papers? Here’s one way to use them up….

I cut my papers and journaling blocks from the December kit “Hello my name is…” and the add-ons “Nice to meet you” and “How’ve you been?” into strips and adhered them to an 8×8″ square in a diagonal pattern. To keep it from looking too orderly, I cut the strips into different widths and lengths. **I was actually inspired by the October Afternoon “Neon Lights” paper, from the December main kit. Then, I layered it with a yellow paper and added it to the background of my layout…


And then, I used some scraps to make this card…

A couple scraps, a couple stickers and a brad and you’ve got a card! I like to use up my scraps and random bits at the end of a kit to make cards. Then, I file them in a box by category. I never have to buy cards! I have a few for just about any occasion, right on hand.

How do you use up your scraps? Gift tags? Altered projects? Kindling? 😉 I’d love to see what you’ve made with your scraps.

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  1. Alicia Flick

    So cute!! I love the idea of using the strips for background. I have a ton of those sitting in a pile for PL. Super cute card too!

  2. Su Gould

    Why wouldn’t you (anyone) keep all the scraps? I have used those strips many times on projects. I am always punching small shapes with dp, that is why I keep all the little pieces 🙂

  3. julie e

    Recently I bought the WRMK tab punch. It is my new favorite tool and way to use those small scraps. I punch tabs when I’m cleaning up after a layout and through them in a bowl on my desk. I use those bits for layering on layouts in the future.

  4. Olivia

    I’m a terrible scrap hoarder. When I am working with a kit I usually lay an extra small scraps to the side just in case I need them on additional layouts. The pieces then get tossed into my scrap drawers (arranged by color)and saved for other small projects like cards or minis. I do occasionally pull out the 1-2 inch X 12 scraps and fold them to make bookmarks for my kids at school.

  5. LisaDV

    I also hoard scraps, like Olivia I sort them by color. I usually keep my CD scraps with the kit. I love your bonus strip pp use. The layout and mini cover are scrumptious.

  6. Lisa Flaherty (jjflair)

    I keep the tiniest bits and scraps, too! I am not so organized to keep them by color, though. I have them in a square box on my work table. Anything long and thin gets poked into a glass vase next to the box. Looks like a funny, fronded plant. 🙂 Love your ideas, MandyKay! Definitely feeling inspired, and can’t wait for my Dec. kit to arrive!

  7. Julie A. Shearer

    Great lo’s ! I love the tip on how to use up all of those pretty strips of paper ! Genius !

  8. Mandie

    I TOTALLY love this, Mandy!

  9. LauraC - Michigan

    Oh Mandy! Love this layout! I do cut those strips and try to use them on pages but I never included the titles – what a great way to use them!

  10. Denise M

    Fantastic. I love this.

  11. DaniH

    I keep all of my scraps too… in a great big jumbled messy box! But I am always pulling something out of there… nothing is wasted. I cannot wait to try your ideas! (Love the LO.)


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