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Hello…! It’s Anna here with another Project Art post! This month the kit contained a set of wonderful Gelatos, a set of tools from Faber Castell, called the Gelatos tool set, some cute wood veneers from Maya Road (birds and frames), kraft circles also from Maya Road and some pretty doilies – I always love doilies.

The Gelatos are acid-free pigment sticks that are really fun to use. They are very creamy with a vibrant colour. They are watersoluble, and just like the Inktense pencils in the June Project art kit they are permanent once they dry, after the pigment has been activated with water.

You can add the colour directly onto your project and you can dissolve the pigment with water or you can leave it as it is. Try rubbing and blending the gelatos with your finger – they are really lipstick-like, smooth and creamy.

If you want to apply the colour to your project using a brush you can start by rubbing the gelato stick onto a plastic palette of some kind (for example a craft mat or a plastic lid). Then you can add some water to dissolve the pigment.

basics 500

For my first journal page, I started out by using scraps of the patterned papers from the September kit, and stitching them together.


I then trimmed them down to fit a page in my journal, sprayed the journal page yellow, glued down my collage of patterned papers and painted it with gesso. I love painting over messy threads! They dry and stick the way you leave them in the gesso or paint and I love that effect.

I also added some texture to my page by using a stencil + gesso on parts of my page (it shows in the next photo).


I then added some gelatos directly to my page.  Here you can also see the texture from the stencil. A little of the gelatos goes a long way – experiment and you’ll see that you don’t need much!


I dissolved the pigement using a wet brush.


Next I wanted to add some splatters of the darkest orange colour. I mixed some pigment with water, using the palette knife from the tool set.


I then used the Drip Dropper from the tool set to pick up the paint and create orange splatters over my page.



I decided to try some stamping using the gelatos and covered my stamp by rubbing the gelato directly onto the stamp.


I then sprayed some water over the stamp before stamping.


This was a very non-precise activity… I tried different amounts of pigment and water and I achived several different looks that I loved and some that I didn’t love… Experimenting is the key!


I decided to add one of these circles in the middle of a doily and I glued it down using the Liquitex matte medium from the July Project Art kit. When it was dry I also added some machine stitching around the edge.

awesome doily plus stämplat

To finish up my page I wrote some journling and added the doily on top. I also added a heart from the Daily Special add on, coloured with the orange gelato. The theme of my page is that I wish that every day was awesome. 🙂 I’ve had a few not so awesome days lately and I’m telling myself that things will get better, because I know they will.

awesome hidden



On my second page I practiced another face… I used acrylic paint, a black pen, Inktense pencil (for the eyes) and gelatos. For the hair I applied the gelatos to the page and then dissolved the pigment using a brush. On the cheeks I just added a tiny amount of gelato and then rubbed it out using my finger. I also added parts of a doily as her collar, using matte medium as glue.



When colouring the heart I used for the first page, I actually used it as a stamp first. I added the pigment, sprayed with some water and stamped on one of the journaling cards from the September kit.

love stämplat hjärta1

love stämplat hjärta

I then added this card, a piece of a doily and three of the cute frames filled with different patterned papers, to a page that I first painted with acrylic paint and then splattered some gelatos onto. Do you see the line of dots at the top of the page? I used one of the dot dabbers from the tool kit to create them – a fab tool that I really loved!

love sept 2013


For my next page I started out with some gelatos dissolved in water and some gel medium (this photo doesn’t tell the truth, I added more gel medium after taking this).


I used the palette knife to mix the paint with the medium and I also used the palette knife to spread the mixtured over a stencil.



When the gel medium/gelato was dry, I used some Dylusions mist and some water and sprayed both over my page.


I finished my page by adding a doily, some of the kraft circles, some journaling and a journaling spot cut from one of the patterned papers of the September kit. The doily is covering up a mistake… Dylusions aren’t permanent and blue + orange makes a kind of muddy brown… 🙂



You can also make your own mist out of gelatos + water.


I misted over one of the Maya Road birds…




For my last page I used the main kit stamps and some of the string from the main kit together with one of the birds and a doily. Also the letter stickers, the label sticker and the glittery stone are from the Sept kits. I wasn’t happy with the edges of this page, but adding a thin layer of gesso on top made a huge difference and sort of saved my page. I used the stamp from the gelatos set here. You can see it peaking out on the left side, above the bird. I also used both of the Dot Dabbers from the tool set on this page.


I hope you enjoyed these examples of how to use the Gelatos and the tool set and that you’ll have lots of fun playing yourself!

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  1. Johanne L.

    Very nice pages. Love them. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Lisa P

    Awesome detail in your tutorial. I feel like I learned some new things about the gelattos that I didn’t know. Thanks.

  3. Lisa Flaherty (jjflair)

    Wow, Anna! Beautiful pages and this post is chock full of tips and techniques!! I especially love the mixture of gelato pigment with matte medium and used as a resist. Cool!

  4. pam

    Such great ideas, Anna. I can’t wait to try them out.

  5. Julie B

    Thank you so much for all the fabulous ideas, tips and techniques! It opened my eyes to the diverse possibilities.

  6. Denise M

    Anna these are so incredibly beautiful and unique. Thank you so much for sharing your talents.

  7. Lisa Saunders

    You blow me away every month Anna.
    Totally amazing : )
    Thanks for sharing x

  8. LisaReed

    Dang this is so awesome and stunning. The colors are vivid. I can’t wait to pull out my gelatos and try some of this. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Marianne C

    Commentthanks so much for sharing all the lovely art and the photos with step by step. Very helpful and inspirational.

  10. Purvi

    Beautiful Pages! Thanks for sharing so many techniques with Gelatos!


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