Dissecting Design

Hi dee ho Daisies!
Sharmaine here with June’s Dissecting Design.
I wanted to put together a video for you but as I did I was surprised by something I saw.
This month I made a couple of layouts, featured in the gallery, that had a very similar design.
My Page “The Prime Minister”

and my page “Pink Day”

So when I created my new page “Lunch Date”, for the video, I wasn’t planning to follow the same design but that is where it ended up.
Admittedly I did use the same chevron paper, as used in “Pink Day”, and it “felt” right to have that sitting horizontal rather than vertical.
I also used a similar design feature, to “Pink Day”, when I added the paper strips along the top and the bottom.
Sometimes these things happen and you just have to go with it!

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Have a look back your creations.
Is there a design that you seem to fall back on?
Why not create another page, using the same design, and see where it takes you.



You've Been Framed!!
Stamping Sensation


  1. alissa

    love this page and the video, sharmaine!

  2. pam

    love the layout. love being able to have a peek at your process.

  3. Penny B.

    How long did it take you to complete this layout? Your process is very inspiring…thanks for sharing!

  4. Marti Richards

    Seriously- such a fun video to watch! Love how you applied the black paint and the way you put the mist on the Thickers. Thank you for sharing how you made this page!

  5. Lisa Flaherty

    I learned so much by watching your process, Sharmaine! Thank you so much for a great video. I also loved watching you apply the black paint. I always thought you started with it as a bottom layer, so very cool to see you use it later in the game! Off for a little historical look at my layouts to see if I have certain tendencies in my work. 🙂

  6. Emily Pitts

    So many cool ideas in one page, I really watching your process, it’s inspiring!


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