Confession of A Stationery Addict

It is no secret that I am a planner-addict + Stationery-holic as I have been addicted to buying pens and stationeries since young. I admit that I do have a variety of pens and love trying new pens. One of my favourite pens / brands that I use daily is Pilot Frixion – which has a wide range of pens, markers, highlighter, color pencils and stamps that have erasable ink (ink that can be removed with friction – and thus the name Frixion). Today I am showing you some of my writing supplies that I often use in my planners – and most of these are Pilot Frixion. Pilot Frixion (most of the colors) erase clean and without any residue (unlike how you erase the pencil writings with normal erasers).

Frixion 7

I am loving the pink and green combination in this month kit – it has subtle festive colors. I also love the My Mind’s Eye Jubilee sticky notes (with Calendar) which is so versatile and useful for day-to-day planning.

Frixion 2

When I am writing on my planner pages, I often reach for my Pilot Frixion point 0.4mm or 0.5mm. I don’t like the 0.38mm as they are too fine and scratchy for my likings. I have a set of Tokyo Disney edition Pilot Frixion in 0.4mm that I bought it while I was in Tokyo this year. I like that these Frixion pens are refillable so I can always keep these cute Mickey pen casing even when the original ink runs out. These Frixion Point 0.4mm write ultra smooth but I do notice that being erasable ink means the black ink isn’t as dark & as opaque as usual blank pens. And i didn’t like how the eraser is placed on the end of the pen since i always place my cap on the end when i am writing i.e. I need to remove the cap then i want to erase the words.

Frixion 8

I also love using Pilot Highlighters (in pastel color), pilot stamps (gift from my Japanese friend) and Gel Stick highlighter to highlight important dates on my monthly calendar.

Frixion 9

I stick the monthly calendar sticky notes on my page marker to gently remind me of the important dates. I write the dates with Pilot Frixion Colors (more like markers) and stamp some of the dates with Frixion Stamps.

Frixion 1

Since the ink is erasable, I can easily erased some of the dates and stamp it with Frixion stamps. I also love that the Frixion colors come in 24 colors (although I only have 20 colors). And one of the favourite feature of Frixion pens is that they hardly bleed since the ink isn’t as opaque as usual inks.

Frixion 3

HEre’s a simple color swatch the i made using some of the Pens that include in the previous Daisy Day Planner kit (say Poppin, Micro Pigma – I am using Black here, and Sakura pens). I have also included some Pilot Frixion pens & markers & the gel stick highlighter that I often use.

Frixion 6

Frixion 5

Do share with me what are your favourite pens (or even fountain pens) to use in your planners / day-to-day writing?

Frixion 4

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day!



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  1. Lisa Saunders

    What a great blog post and so colourful too!!
    My favourite, absolute favourite pends are the Mitsubishi Uniball Pens. I have so many. They write so beautifully.

    • Happie Scrappie

      which of the uniball pens? one of my fave would be unistyle fit multipen systems =)

  2. Mary Huint

    I love this post – – great fun colors! I really am interested in finding out WHERE you got the adorable coffee cup divider!! 🙂

    • Happie Scrappie

      Hi Mary. Its from my Happie Planner kit and I made the cup page marker myself:


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