Mini Upcycle Class

Hi Daisies,

The Daisy Designers have been busy lately creating some wonderful things this month.

Today I have a mini upcycle class from Jody. Jody made this very handy container to home her pens & pencils.


Jody says:

I ‘upcycled’ a Crystal Light container by wrapping it in grey felt and adding some tiny trim to the top plus a couple of gift tags stuck on with a stick pin. I am hoping this makes my card-writing easier and more fun. You could whip up a pencil holder like this for a sweet teacher gift. Easy peasy! Add some new pens, markers and a Starbuck’s gift card and you have instant happy, if you ask me.

In case you are wondering, a Crystal Light container is a drink mix {think lemonade and iced tea…like Kool-Aid} and it looks like this:

I just love this idea from Jody.

You could make this idea work for you in so many ways. How about using a Pringle tube cut down or even a glass jar wrapped in felt?  That would make such a cute vase.

A great gift idea.

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  1. Carla Hundley

    Fun idea and do you think
    Crystal Light thought that
    they would get so much use
    out of the containers?!
    Carla from Utah

  2. SuzMannecke

    Super cute Jody! i love up cycling, recycling/repurposing items!


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