About Christine Drumheller

Cocoa Daisy Owner

drumheller-3Cocoa Daisy was founded in 2006 by Tricia Canonico. I first joined Cocoa Daisy, as a subscriber, in 2007.

I tried out when Cocoa Daisy had a Design Team call, and made the team. About 6 months later, Tricia asked me to start creating the project kits.

drumheller-15I loved coming up with ideas for the project kits and putting them together!

Soon, I was joining Tricia for her trips to CHA, so I got a good idea of how much work goes into putting together the main kit.

Well, fast forward to 2010. I found myself having to leave my marriage of 11 years, with no work history for the last 8 because I’d been a stay at home Mom.

At that time Tricia happened to be pregnant, moving to another state and planning to close things down here at Cocoa Daisy.

I approached her and said I wanted to do it!

I was terrified… leaving a marriage, moving in with my parents and starting a business all at the same time.

That was the worst, most stressful summer of my life!

But I knew I had to give it a try because it was the perfect scenario for me. I’d be doing something I love and I’d also be home with the boys.

My background in graphic design from before I became engaged, including 10 years’ experience as a Composition Manager, gave me the confidence to jump in and pray that God had placed this opportunity in front of me for a reason.

It’s been an amazing run! Learning as I go, always trying to make changes and improvements, working to get the kits out on time and to give my 100% to customer service has been more than stressful at times, BUT I wouldn’t change a thing! Since then we’ve grown so much that I’ve added several wonderful employees to help with packing, shipping, and customer service, as well as some of the behind the scenes “business” work.

I am just so very thankful for all of you. Thank you for joining with me on this incredible journey.